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We are baaaaack! Did you miss us? Understandable.


For the millions upon millions of you that have laid in bed hour upon hour, restless, wondering which RLT Stage Manager you’re most like, we are here for you. Maybe you’ve thought you’re a Tiff Bream.. and then thought, NOOOO! NOT ME! WHY! Totally fair. Or, you thought ooooh maybe I’m like Jesse, please let me be like Jesse!  Also, totally fair. Don’t worry, you’ll be sleeping like a fat cat in no time, which means you’ll now sleep 18 hours a day. YAY!


PS: It is definitely, for sure, 100% accurate. 

About the authors:

Victoria Blanford is the Operations Manager of Reno Little Theater. Prior to coming on as a staff member, Victoria volunteered as a Stage Manager and crew member for several seasons. She doesn’t share food, but does share the following joke… she just thought of… right now: What did the Stage Manager say when her hands were full?   HOLD PLEASE

Tiff Bream is the Assistant Technical Director of Reno Little Theater. Having served as the Production Stage Manager for GLM and RLT once upon a time, Tiff would like to know if that is your prop. It doesn’t look like your prop, you should put it down.

Victoria is the one with the mustache. Tiff is also the one with the mustache. Who is who? MYSTERY.

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