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147 E. Pueblo St., Reno, NV 89502

Our doors are closed and the lights in the theater are down, but we haven’t stopped producing!

Have you subscribed to Ghost Light TV?

Check out our new YouTube channel, where we are collaborating with Bruka Theatre Of The Sierra, Inc and Good Luck Macbeth to create a light in the dark by producing virtual content for your enjoyment! Subscribers won’t miss a minute of the fun!!

We’ve also launched the Ghost Light Theater Fund. If you have the means, and you want to support the theater community, but don’t want to choose to give to one theater over another, you can donate to this fund and support all three theaters at once. Donations to this fund will be evenly distributed to the three theaters and will help with operational support during this crisis. If you would like to donate to RLT directly, you can still do that, too though – we’d surely be grateful.

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