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147 E. Pueblo St., Reno, NV 89502

What a Difference



  • Suggested donation to Ghost Light Theater Fund of $10.
    Proceeds benefit Reno Little Theater, Good Luck Macbeth Theatre, & Bruka Theatre. 

Event Description:
Audiences don’t get to see the full process of theater. They never have the chance to fully appreciate how much of what they see goes beyond the writing and the lighting, how much comes from the actors inhabiting the roles, and the director who puts the visions together.

What a Difference will be a new window into this process. We will present three ten-minute plays. But each play will be presented multiple times, each by a different cast with a different director. Then audiences will see how the same script can be interpreted in various ways. Will the changes be subtle, or will we see wild differences?


Stuck at the Top with You
Written by: Alli Hartley-Kong
Synopsis: The day after her daughter’s college graduation,  Chrissy’s plans for one last family day together before her daughter heads off on a trip quickly go awry when Chrissy finds herself stuck on a roller coaster, sitting next to her ex-husband. They are forced to examine their relationship in this humorous and touching take on co-parenting.

#1 Directed by: Bob Ives
#1 Cast: Rosie Brownlow, James Miller

#2 Directed by: Scott Hernandez
#2 Cast: Julie Douglass, Kirk Gardner


Written by: Meghan Kyle
Synopsis: Some believe the end justifies the means. Can one person make that decision for the whole human race? Could you?

#1 Director: Ryan Corrigan
#1 Cast: Morgan Moessinger, Alejandro Duran Del CID, Kathy Welch

#2 Director: Michelle Calhoun
#2 Cast: Reese Michelle, Darcy Lenardson, Cambria Williams


Intervention in the Time of COVID-19
Written by: Nick Josten
Synopsis: Bob’s ex battles dysfunctional family dynamics and technology to save the man she once loved.

#1 Director: Amanda Marino
#1 Cast:  Shane Long, Nicole Boscarino, Tracey Haskell, Mark Glickstein, Ian Federgreen

#2 Director: Rod Hearn
#2 Cast: Chris Wilson, Dianne Fussaro, Rob Summers, Leila Rosa, Idris Ozoya

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