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Perspectives: “Natalie Wood Was Not Puerto Rican” (Virtual Reading)

Written by: Matt Barbot
Directed by: Anthony Mendoza


Virtual Performance Details: 

  • Evening Shows: Fri 6/11, Sat 6/12 & Sun 6/13 @ 7pm
  • Matinee Shows: Sat 6/12 & Sun 6/13 @ 2pm

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  • Name-Your-Price: ($1 minimum)
    Please note: All ticket sales will be split evenly amongst the playwright, director, actors, and RLT.


Please note, this is a virtual performance. Tickets must be purchased at least 15 minutes before the event begins and it will stream directly to your ticketing account. Be sure to purchase a ticket for the day you want to view the performance- the video is only available for 24 hours once you click “Watch.” For additional directions on accessing the show, scroll down to the bottom of this page. 

An unsuspecting Sam falls head over heels during a game of dominos: Ana, recently displaced from her home in Puerto Rico, is going for a run in the park where Sam and his elderly friend Herbie play. These new feelings lead Sam to talk about his first crush, and he and Herbie reminisce about love, Broadway musicals, and heritage. When Ana adds her perspective to the mix, Sam slips up, and becomes less and less sure he can turn this into a love connection.

Director’s Note:
When I was first asked to take over producing Perspectives, I jumped at the chance as creating opportunities for other artists of color is something I’m very passionate about. I fell in love with the characters and story of Natalie Wood Was Not Puerto Rican. The characters, while all Puerto Ricans, have lived very different lives that create very different perspectives on things like representation and inclusion. These conversations take place often in Latine communities. This show captures those questions in a way that feels natural and light. I hope you enjoy the script as much as I do.

Anthony Mendoza

Anthony has been involved in the Reno theater community for almost 10 years. This is his third directing project. Most recent roles include Gomez in Addams Family and Beralde for one glorious night in The Imaginary Invalid.


Angel Alvarado

Angel Alvarado is a SAG-Eligible actor based out of Reno, NV. He has been acting for 5 years, and over the last two years he filmed his first two feature film projects- Women Is Losers and Feliz NaviDAD. Angel was born and raised in Reno, and has aspirations to become a successful film actor. He is currently attending the University of Nevada, where he will be receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Studies, along with a minor in Theatre. Angel had a deep passion to inspire others and hopes that through his acting he can gain a platform where he can help inspire the world.

Gus Vazquez

Having been an artist all of his life, Gus has been lucky to work in almost every aspect of visual art: film, digital art, pencil, and ink- he has worked in many industries. Storyboarding, character design, comics…  Gus has worked on many titles for Marvel, DC, including Deadpool, JLA, Green Arrow, Suicide Squad, The Flash, & Spider-Man. The first artist to draw Big Hero 6 in Marvel Comics’ “Sunfire & Big Hero 6”, which went on to become an Academy Award-winning animated film for Disney. Gus is working on a creator-owned book with writer David Atchison, titled “Fang.”

Evelyn Mejia

Evelyn Mejia (she/her) was born and raised in Reno, NV. Her passion for performance began as a child and quickly grew into a love for singing. Once she got to high school, she found in herself a new passion for acting, particularly musical theater. There, she participated in several musicals, shows, and one-acts. Ever since graduating in 2019, she has joined a local’s women choir. She is thrilled to finally be returning to acting, especially in a show that highlights Latina/o/x identities.

Perspectives: A Multicultural Play Reading Series is an official program of Reno Little Theater. Founded in collaboration with the group “Reno Theatre of Color,” and produced by Adriano Cabral, Perspectives seeks to present readings of thoughtful plays that explore culturally relevant themes and give voice to diverse stories. The Perspectives Play Reading Series productions are free with donations accepted. Donations will be split among the playwright, artists, and RLT.


Check out this video for instructions on accessing your video on the event date!

Please note, this is a virtual performance. Tickets must be purchased at least 15 minutes before the event begins and it will stream directly to your ticketing account. Be sure to purchase a ticket for the day & time you want to view the performance! 



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