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147 E. Pueblo St., Reno, NV 89502

The Lacala/Edgecomb Quintet


  • Sunday, May 15th @ 7pm



  • Name Your Price! 
    • Suggested $20. Proceeds benefit RLT & For the Love of Jazz!


Aaron Edgcomb (he/they) is a composer, drummer, and percussionist from Reno, NV, currently based in Brooklyn, NY whose work appears in such contexts as improvisational music, jazz, “new music”, noise, and song. At the forefront of Aaron’s artistic practice is considering how music creates and changes ideology.

Aaron holds a B.M. in Jazz and Percussion from the University of Nevada, Reno, where his studies ranged from music to gender and identity, as well as a M.M. in Contemporary Improvisation from the New England Conservatory.

Currently, Aaron is composing new works for solo and ensemble performances (and occasionally poetry and prose) and teaching percussion/composition/improvisation.

Dom (Domenico) Lacala is a multi-instrumentalist and educator from Las Vegas, NV. Dom currently resides in the Reno area teaching music at Libby Booth Elementary School and is a frequent performer in the Reno music scene since 2011. Bandleader of the group Nico’s Mystery, Dom has been playing throughout the US and the world collaborating with artists wherever he travels. Dom holds a BM in Music and MM in Jazz Studies both from University of Nevada, Reno where he majored in trumpet and keyboards.
Lacala and Edgcomb began performing during their education at UNR and furthering their music on stages throughout Paris, France, New York City, and Italy. In 2021, Dom and Aaron performed in New York on stages in all over Brooklyn and Manhattan, bringing the music of Nico’s Mystery to the east coast. They will be performing a program based on the music of the Italian contemporary composer, Piero Piccioni. Piero Piccioni composed and recorded over 300 pieces of music for film soundtracks from the 1950’s to 90’s. Piccioni’s music had a rich jazz influence, as he grew up listening to concerts his father took him to. Both Lacala and Edgcomb will be performing a tribute to his music in their own cohesive and improvisational style as well as original music and selections. 

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