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You may have already answered this in your head – “They are stuck at home. Like you, doofus.” And I would answer back yes, but… I didn’t see them before the mess we’re in right now either. I consider myself a tinkerer. I sort of always have been but when I started my career in theatre it became clear that my tendencies towards futzing with things or building things from nothing, would be valuable and
I promised to update on the status of the remainder of our 85th Season before the end of the month. Today I’m going to do just that. We are working hard to figure out how and when we will be able to reopen RLT safely for our artists and audience members, but it looks that it will be several weeks before that is even a remote possibility. It absolutely pains me to officially announce that
Mother’s Day was last week and it got me thinking a lot about my mom who passed away a little over two years ago. My mother was a Portugues immigrant. One thing you have to know about Portugues culture is that food is a celebration that brings people together. My mother and I bonded in the kitchen over cooking. My mother viewed cooking for her family as an act of love. Providing sustenance to her
Recently, we attended a webinar on the history of stage management documentation. The presenters went through centuries of call books and we got to see how stage managers as far back as 1870, were wrangling cast and crew. These documents showed us that while we may have the internet and more voting rights, Stage Managers have basically done things the same way. We have sign-in sheets, and ground plans with blocking, some of our handwriting
Hi Parents! I’m sure you have heard that Governor Sisolak has moved Nevada into Phase 1 of reopening! That doesn’t mean a whole lot for the theater. We are still not allowed to open our venue, conduct camps or classes. The good news is that we will continue to create virtual programming and fun activities for you to participate in from the safety of your homes. We are also working on what it might look
 Radium Girls – Reno Little Theater – February 2016 I had a conversation with a director for a show during tech week whereupon he began questioning the still-as-yet-to-be-exactly-decided-upon tracks for pre-show and intermission music. The show was a period piece and he was really interested in exploring the themes of the show with these musical choices, not necessarily sticking to the time period we’d set for the play. And he had wonderful ideas. Song choices
Hello again! As you all know by now, the Governor has moved us into “Phase 1” of reopening Nevada. What does that mean for Reno Little Theater? Well, not much just yet. The venue remains closed to the public. We are still unable to hold rehearsals, events, or performances. BUT – with every bit of information that we get, we’re able to plan just a little bit more and that’s a good thing! In addition to continuing
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