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In celebration of Memorial Day coming up on Monday, I thought it would be fun to celebrate our troops by visiting musicals that feature characters that are soldiers in the military. These are just a few of my favorites. To all of the guys and gals out there who have fought or are fighting for the good ol’ USA, this one’s for you!

1.) HamiltonHamilton is the story of Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant who came to America and joined the revolution. The show features many of America’s Revolutionary War heroes.

2.) Miss Saigon – This musical adaptation of the famous Madame Butterfly opera is set during the Vietnam War. An American soldier falls in love with a Vietnamese woman. He promises to take her back to America with him, but tragedy strikes when Saigon falls to Viet Cong.

3.) South Pacific – Set during World War II, South Pacific follows soldiers and nurses stationed in the Polynesian Islands.

4.) Bye Bye Birdie – This musical is about a rock star who is drafted into the army. As a publicity stunt, he will kiss one lucky teenage girl before he departs for war. A small town is swept up in the chaos of the hype.

5.) White Christmas – A classic tale of two World War II war buds who take their vaudeville act on the road!

6.) On the TownOn the Town is about a group of soldiers who descend on New York City for 24 hours of shore-leave shenanigans.

7.) American Idiot – In the hit show based on the hit Green Day album, a young man named Tunny enlists in the Army, is wounded in battle overseas and falls in love with his nurse.

8.) Dogfight – Set in the 1960’s, a rambunctious group of marines fresh out of training descends on San Fransico for a night of fun before they ship out to Vietnam. They are participating in a “dogfight,” a cruel game where they each find the ugliest date to bring to the party.

9.) HAIR – The musical HAIR is another powerful musical set during the Vietnam War and is widely known for its honest portrayal of wartime.

10.) Bandstand – This musical tells the story of a group of World War II veterans try to make it big with a musical bandstand act.

About the author:

Lyric Burt is a local artist and social media director. He studied Theater Production at Portland State University’s College of the Arts School of Theatre & Film. He’s usually found with a camera in his hand taking photos and capturing video, or in a corner tweeting about the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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