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Last week, I wrote to let you know that we were devastated to announce that the remainder of our mainstage season could not go on as planned. Today, I’m writing to THANK YOU! Many of you have generously donated the tickets back to the theater in support of our operations and so that we can continue to readjust and plan for the future. We are so very grateful to those of you who were able to support us with those donations. Every single donation makes a difference.

In other exciting news, there’s still a lot of wonderful programming happening “at” Reno Little Theater. On Friday, June 5th @ 7pm we will be premiering our Broadway Our Way students virtual performance of “Porridgegate. Tickets for this one-time event are Pay-What-You-Can with a minimum of $5. We do hope you’ll help us support this amazing (and adaptable) cast of 23 students as they bring this fun fractured fairytale to life.

In addition to “Porridgegate,” we’ll be airing “Backstage View: You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” next week! Up next will be “Backstage View: Death By Design.” If there’s a cast/crew you’d like to see reunite to tell fun behind-the-scenes stories, let us know!

Next week, I hope to be able to share more information about upcoming projects and reopening plans. In the meantime, we thank you for your continued support while we work to adapt our programming to this strange new world. We’re so grateful!

Be well,

Melissa Taylor
Executive Director


About the author:

Melissa Taylor: Melissa has been RLT’s chief executive officer since 2013. Check out her bio on the staff page for more professional credits. She loves all things theater and especially loves other people who love theater, too! Outside of her role at RLT, Melissa loves her three kids, her bearded partner-in-all-things, Italian food, black licorice, video games, horrible reality shows, and preparing for zombies by taking notes on everything Daryl does on The Walking Dead.


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