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147 E. Pueblo St., Reno, NV 89502


Synopsis of This

Presented by Around the Stage | Modern Dance Company

Performing on the RLT Stage on Friday, 8/17 and Saturday, 8/18 at 7:30 PM. Special matinee performance on Sunday, 8/19 at 2:00 PM.

Synopsis of This is the exploration of all the different ways a person
may find themselves independent or dependent, specifically within their daily lives.
Company dancer Eve Allen-Garza explains the obsession with caffeine our country has
“who consumes 400 million cups of coffee per day” while preparing her own cup of
coffee onstage. Dancers Leslie Balzer, Eve Allen-Garza, Ellen Duffy, and Caitlin McCarty reminisce on their dependence to their mothers as they dance in signature
mom jeans. Ellen Duffy finds her independence within a struggling relationship with
dancer Justin Tanks while building a piece of Ikea furniture through-out the duration of
the entire show, the struggle of bills getting paid, getting a job, making your own
decisions, dressing your self are all faced through out Around the Stage’s new show,
Synopsis of This.

About the company: Around the Stage | Modern Dance Company was founded
January 2018 by Keely Cobb with eight local dancers and four crew members. The
company strives to produce shows that provide professional opportunities for local
performers and technical crew members. Reno is largely a growing arts community and
there is so much talent that needs to be seen on stage or used backstage. Around the
Stage was created to access that talent and collaborate with these artists to create
evening length performances that relate to the general public’s daily lives. The
choreographic aesthetic of the company intertwines theater and dance elements in a
way that is fresh and often humorous. Crafting characters, investigating relationships
and assembling narratives that frequently move beyond the fourth wall allow for a
connection between audience and performer to bloom.

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