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147 E. Pueblo St., Reno, NV 89502

RLT accepts applications for families in need of full or partial scholarships for camps & classes. Applications must be submitted 14 days prior to the first day of the camp or class. Scholarships will be awarded 10 days prior to the start of activities.

Scholarship Deadlines


  • Fall Broadway Our Way (“The Unbreakable Timmy Cratchett”)– September 8th; notification on September 12th
  • Creative Drama– September 29th; notification on October 3rd
  • Teen Broadway Our Way (“Lockdown”)– December 31st; notification on January 4th
  • Spring Broadway Our Way (“101 Dalmatians”)– January 12th; notification on January 16th


  • Fall Break Camp– September 17th; notification on September 21st
  • Winter Break Camp– December 24th; notification on December 28th
  • Spring Break Camp (Week 1)– March 11th; notification on March 15th
  • Spring Break Camp (Week 2) — March 18th; notification on March 22nd
  • Summer Camp (Week 1)– May 27th; notification on May 31st
  • Summer Camp (Week 2)– June 3rd; notification on June 7th
  • Summer Camp (Week 3)– June 10th; notification on June 14th
  • Summer Camp (Week 4)– June 24th; notification June 28th
  • Summer Camp (Week 5)– July 8th; notification on July 12th
  • Summer Camp (Week 6)– July 22nd; notification on July 26th
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