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147 E. Pueblo St., Reno, NV 89502

Based on true events from the life of Helmuth Huebener and the peaceful resistance movement he founded in Nazi Germany.

Helmuth Huebener is a German teen, intelligent and dedicated to the Latter-day Saint Church (Mormon). It’s 1941 and as he listens to British news broadcasts on a stolen radio, he begins to realize everything the Third Reich is saying is full of lies. He and his friends doubt they can do anything. They know if they complain too much, they themselves might be persecuted, as well as endanger their congregation and the entire LDS Church in Germany, which is already known as a small minority with strong ties to America.

But Huebener knows it’s wrong to be passive “We’re letting it happen. We’ve got blinders on,” he tells his friends. Tensions rise further when a member of their congregation, a Jew, is denied access to the Church.

Huebener must assert his conscience. Using the Church’s duplicating machine, the fearless young man begins a campaign against Hitler’s propaganda machine. He enlists the help of his friends who are all well aware of the risk to their own lives.

In this play we witness his tragic story.


This will be our first off-off Wells show this season! 


Cast list:

David Tolles – Zoellner, Husband 1:1, 3rd Justice

Matt Craugh – Helmuth

Chris Blanford – Rudi

Brandon Kiel – Karl-Heinz

Cecil Averett – Johannes, Chief Justice

Jeff Burres – Hugo, 2nd Justice

Teri Gray – Annaliese, Wife 1:6, 2nd Hausfrau

Moira Bengochea – Emma, Wife 1:1, 1st Hausfrau

David Houry – Gestapo 1, Husband 1:6, General, 1st YM, Sandmann, Officer 1, Prosecutor

Tim Taylor – Gehard, Aide, 1st Clerk, 1st Soldier, 2nd YM, Werner, Officer 2, Defense

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