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Before diving into becoming a Stage Manager specifically at Reno Little Theater, check out the various volunteer opportunities. There are lots, like so many! Here are some:

  • Play Discovery Committee
  • Special Events Committee
  • Technical/Production 
    • Stage Manager
    • Assistant Stage Manager
    • Run Crew
    • Costumer/Seamstress
    • Set construction
  • Front of House
    • Box Office Lead
    • Concessions Lead/Helper
    • Usher

Now back to SMs, let us have this…. It’ll be the only time we get the spotlight! Stage Management is a challenging job, it requires patience, humbleness, assertiveness, etc. Oftentimes the Stage Manager will do the most and get the least recognition. While the challenges of the job keep many people away or turn a good SM sour, it is one of the most rewarding positions in the production. A Stage Manager is with the show from the beginning to end, no other position gets to see the show evolve as intimately as the SM.  They set the tone each night for the cast and crew, keep the director’s vision and the show’s integrity intact. 

Theaters are always looking for individuals who want to take on the title of Stage Manager, getting involved usually means simply means calling or emailing and asking ‘How Can I Help?’. Taking crew jobs and ASM slots will prepare you to run the show yourself. Reno Little Theater is always happy to see someone come in who wants to Stage Manager. 

For us at RLT, we like to pair first-timers with one of our SMs that have worked on previous productions. This will give you the opportunity to shadow someone who is used to working within the RLT guidelines and better prepare you for success. Not to mention two of the regular Stage Managers are writing this here blog and are VERY cool. In all seriousness, if you’re interested, even a little… let us know. We’d love to show you the ropes!

Send over an email to and let us know what area you’re interested in!

About the authors:

Victoria Blanford is the Operations Manager of Reno Little Theater. Prior to coming on as a staff member, Victoria volunteered as a Stage Manager and crew member for several seasons. She doesn’t share food, but does share the following joke… she just thought of… right now: What did the Stage Manager say when her hands were full?   HOLD PLEASE

Tiff Bream is the Assistant Technical Director of Reno Little Theater. Having served as the Production Stage Manager for GLM and RLT once upon a time, Tiff would like to know if that is your prop. It doesn’t look like your prop, you should put it down.

Victoria is the one with the mustache. Tiff is also the one with the mustache. Who is who? MYSTERY.

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