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Educational Programming FAQ

1.) What are the classroom rules? 

All students attending RLT classes are expected to follow our Big Three Rules

  • RESPECT yourself!
  • RESPECT others!
  • RESPECT the things around you! 

Although incidences of unacceptable behavior are extremely rare, due to the fun and active nature of the classes, students who are struggling may be asked to sit out for an activity. In the event that this occurs, the student will remain in the classroom in our “quiet” zone until they are ready to participate and follow our Big Three Rules again. We will ALWAYS communicate openly with parents about behavioral expectations and students experiences. 

2.) Can I sit in on my child’s class? 

  • For our K-6 classes, on the last class of the session, we invite parents to join in the fun. Until then, our classes are closed to encourage the formation of a safe learning community. Parents are welcome to sit in the lounge immediately outside of the classroom space.  Should you have any questions regarding your child’s experience in class, please feel free to ask the teachers! We love the opportunity to share stories about our classes with parents!
  • For our Pre-K class, although we strongly recommend that parents allow their children to develop an independent relationship with the other students and the instructor, the door to the classroom space will remain open, and parents are welcome to peek in/listen in on the classroom space. This is not a parental involvement class, so parents who do wish to keep an eye on their student must remain as unobtrusive as possible, to ensure that their child is able to focus and participate in the activities fully. As with our K-6 classes, on our last day, parents are invited to join in the fun! 
  • For our Mommy and Me class, a parent/guardian is required to stay with the child before, during, and after class. At no point is a Mommy and Me student to be unaccompanied by an adult caregiver.

3.) What if my child is nervous or shy? 

  • It’s perfectly normal for your child to be nervous in a new environment, and every child is unique in how they adjust to new situations. Should your child be hesitant, we will do everything we can to make them feel at home in the classroom, and will communicate openly with you regarding their experience.

4.) What if my child has special needs?

  • Our classes are designed to be safe, inclusive spaces where individual experience and creativity is celebrated. We are more than happy to work with parents regarding any reasonable accommodations for an integrated class your child may need. Please call 1-775-372-7507 to discuss options with Sara Phillips, Educational Outreach Coordinator.

5.) So what will my child be doing in class anyway? Is it an acting class? 

  • While our classes are based in elements of formal theatre, our classes are centered around the students experiences and learning, rather than the goal of a final theatrical production. We use Theatre as a tool to explore the world around us. Our classes are often based around a central  theme or topic, and we will spend each week exploring that topic using theatre, dance, music, and art. For individual class descriptions, please go to

6.) When does the program run? 

7.) Where do I register? 

8.) What does it cost? 

  • Broadway Our Way: $250 for the Semester
  • All other classes: $125 for the Semester

9.) Are refunds available if my child can’t attend? 

  • Refund Policy: A $15 service fee for each class registration will be assessed for students withdrawing before classes begin. No refunds will be given after classes begin.*
    *A refund will be given if insufficient enrollment causes class cancellation. Reno Little Theater’s liability is limited to the registration fees of the program.

    Any Other Questions? 

    Sara Phillips, Educational Outreach Coordinator


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