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147 E. Pueblo St., Reno, NV 89502


Written by: Alisa Javits and Adam Lipsky
Directed by: Alisa Javits and Adam Lipsky
Date:  February 26th @ 7PM & 9PM


  • Regular: $15 per person
  • Senior/Student/Military: $10 per person


Reno Little Theater is excited to bring back Ouroboros Shadow Pictures for another special one-night engagement!

Ouroboros Shadow Pictures is a shadow-theater company, founded by Alisa Javits and Adam Lipsky. The company has been touring and growing rapidly since its beginning in 2013. Their productions run the gamut from quick satirical vignettes to slow psycho-dramatic mood poems. Some of their storytelling techniques include “live-action” silhouettes and intricate paper-cuts, along with many shades and degrees of light. Ouroboros Shadow Pictures currently works out of Moxy Studios in Oakland, CA.

 Alisa Javits is a visual artist, writer and fabricator. She is responsible for performing the shadow images in the productions. She steers the lights, rotates the props, and makes the visual scenes happen. Alisa is the primary designer and builder of the sculptural shadow art, which is used as props in the productions. Additionally, she has designed and built the structural materials used, such as suspension devices for the the props and remote control light boxes.

Adam Lipsky is a musician/composer, writer, actor and sound designer. He is responsible for the music and sound elements of the productions. He scores the performances live from a keyboard, using a combination of triggered samples, stereo field manipulation and original music. The original music is either prerecorded or performed live, depending on the needs of each scene. Adam watches and anticipates the shadow action, much like scoring a silent film.

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