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147 E. Pueblo St., Reno, NV 89502

“Fireflies” – A Virtual Audio Play

Written by: Philana Imade Omorotionmwan
Directed by: Justin Tanks


Virtual Performance Details: 

  • Evening Showdates: Dec 4th & 5th @ 5pm & 7pm
  • Matinee Showdates: Dec 5th & 6th @ 1pm & 3pmPlease see the bottom of this page for instructions on how to access the performance!


  • Name-Your-Price: ($1 minimum)
    Please note: All ticket sales will be split evenly amongst the playwright, director, actors, and RLT.

    **Please note, this is a virtual performance. Tickets must be purchased at least 15 minutes before the event begins, it will stream directly to your ticketing account. Please further note, the broacast is only available for 6 hours, after the event begins.*

Consisting of twelve vignettes, Fireflies tells a story about longing and the search for intimacy through the lives of insects. Themes of black girlhood, adolescence, and coming of age are addressed in this play.

Parental Guidance: Not recommended for audiences under the age of 13 due to adult language and themes of intimacy and sexual identity.

Director’s Notes
Justin Tanks

Fireflies is a collection of emotional vignettes that paint what it is like to ache for a connection with others and the self.  We follow Then-self, young and seemingly naive in her attempts to connect with the world, and eager more than anything to share her light.  What could cause her to stop?  With a distant relationship with her mother, The Moon, she carves out her own path in the mud, relating her life to that of the cicada, struggling upwards. On par with her desires, she one day is able to shed her skin, and grow out of her cocoon into a harder and seemingly more wise Now-Self, but what does she leave behind in the process?  What can she learn from her younger softer self? Fireflies by Philana Imade Omorotionmwan, seems to ask her characters these questions throughout the play, and makes us do the same within.  When did you stop sharing your light?


Kennedy Gaskins

Kennedy Gaskins was born and raised in Las Vegas. She attended the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts as a musical theatre major and then moved to Reno to pursue a degree in Musical Theatre at the University of Nevada Reno. She’s been involved in theatre in some capacity for the majority of her life, but she also enjoys any other medium of art whether it be dance, music, painting, or photography. “Coping with the state of the world right now has been difficult, but I’ve been relying on the people that I surround myself with and trying to continue to create art in a new medium: virtual!”

Aja Jade
(Shine 1, Glow 2, Shine 2)

Aja Jade is from Las Vegas and is currently pursuing a BA in Theatre at the University of Nevada, Reno. Aja would like to thank you for continuing to support theatre during a generation-defining event.

Dejanae Weathersby
(Moon/Blue, Glow 3)

Dejanae Weathersby (DJ) was born in California and moved to Nevada when she reached second grade and lived in Vegas until she graduated high school. Her passion for film and acting started when she was about 9 years old and watched a VHS of the first Harry Potter film. She was fascinated by the magic and the process of filmmaking. Around this time, her creativity took off. She started drawing, painting, and writing stories. When she got to high school, she wanted to improve those skills and joined the theatre. Dejanae has been in numerous plays, musicals, and one-act productions. She has worked tech theatre, became thespian president and even hosted talent shows. Acting and theatre will be something she will always be interested in, so after high school, she came to UNR to get my BA in Digital Media with a Theatre minor. DJ’s dream career is to work for Disney creating animations. She knows show business can be incredibly competitive, so getting a Digital Media degree seemed a little more guaranteed. Ultimately, she doesn’t mind what position she gets! Her passion is for film and it’s something she wants to be a part of. Dejanae looks up to the Black actors and actresses. She feels like there should be more Black representation in different genres and she would like to be a part of that change when that day comes. She is blessed and grateful to be invited to the Fireflies production

Stephanie Cook
(Now Self, Glow 1)

Stephanie Cook was born in Minneapolis and raised in Metropolitan Detroit with theater in my DNA. Her professional passion is helping vulnerable populations get access to the legal system, and she endeavors to achieve that goal as the Deputy Executive Director of Washoe Legal Services, a non-profit legal aid organization servicing Northern Nevada. She has been on stage in some capacity since she was 4 years old, including musical theater, dance, and drag shows. Since moving to Reno, she has decreased in performing significantly. She continues to perform as a West African dancer recreationally and has been in 3 stage productions (2 with RLT and 1 with RAT). She has a 5-year old daughter who just started kindergarten in August and has been married since 2016. Stephanie has been coping with the current pandemic by exploring the outdoors with her daughter on the weekend. She is so grateful to be a part of this amazing production and having the opportunity to pursue one of her passions again.

Perspectives: A Multicultural Play Reading Series is an official program of Reno Little Theater. Founded in collaboration with the group “Reno Theatre of Color,” and produced by Adriano Cabral, Perspectives seeks to present readings of thoughtful plays that explore culturally relevant themes and give voice to diverse stories. The Perspectives Play Reading Series productions are free with donations accepted. Donations will be split among the playwright, artists, and RLT.



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    **Please note, this is a virtual performance. Tickets must be purchased at least 15 minutes before the event begins, it will stream directly to your ticketing account. Please further note, the broadcast is only available for 6 hours, after the event begins.**
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