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147 E. Pueblo St., Reno, NV 89502

30 Plays From The Neo-Futurists’ TML

Created by: Greg Allen
Written by:
 The Neo-Futurists
Directed by: Corey Stisser

  • Evening performances:
    • June 8th, 9th & 10th @ 7:30pm
    • June 9th & 10th @ 10:00pm
    • June 10th @ 2:00pm


  • GENERAL ADMISSION: $11-16 (see FAQs below!)
    • Pre-sale:  $17 per ticket (partial cash refund at the door, see FAQs below!)
    • At the door: $10 plus the roll of a die (see FAQs below!)

What is TMLMTBGB? 

Too Much Light is an attempt to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes.  When the 60 minutes is up, the show is over; no matter the number of plays completed.
Who is in the show?
This time around we’re excited to be featuring: 

Libby Bakke

Bryce Keil
Megan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Costello
Russel Jones
Corey Edward
Are these plays I will know?
Probably Not. The plays being performed are taken from the original, published works of The Neo-Futurists (the creators of TMLMTBGB). So, unless you have a deep knowledge of their plays or you’ve read their books, these will be all new to you!
Other than that, it’s just like a normal play, right?
Not really. This is just as much an experience as it is theater and is not meant to be a purely passive experience. Many plays have varying levels of audience interaction and engagement. Each play has potential to challenge how you feel, think, act, or what you believe to be true.
What else?
In addition,  the plays will be performed in a random order chosen by the audience via the shouting of numbers associated with titles. Like I said, audience interaction. So, the show will change order every night. Also the experience begins before you even enter the theater by engaging in pre-show lobby requirements.
Did you say pre-show requirements?
Yes, admission is handled by charging you $10 plus the roll of a single die. Therefore admission cost anywhere between $11 and $16. So bring those singles, because cash is highly recommended!
Do I really have to roll a die? 
Yes, it is Neo-Futurist tradition that everyone must roll a die before entering the theater. Also, you will be given a token ahead of time. Don’t lose it. You’ll need it to roll the die.
But I pre-paid online, do I still have to roll?
Yes. If you recall you actually paid MORE than $16 for your ticket. So when you roll the die we will give you that amount of money back in cash (between $1 and $6)!
What about season ticket holders?
Your ticket is  a part of your season package. Although you won’t owe any money or get any back, You will still have to roll the die for our special VIP admission verification.
What time should I show up?
Early. Even if you pre-bought tickets, we recommend at least 30 minutes before show time. People will be gathered in the lobby and we will start rolling dice for admission approximately 20 minutes before the listed show time. There is NO LATE SEATING. Once it starts the doors are closed. This is not a show you want to be fashionable late for.
Is this appropriate for kids?
No way.  This has lots of adult content. That includes strong language, partial nudity, and sexual references. It is  advised for those 18 and older.  A very open and understanding 16 year old could attend, as long as they (and their parents) know that this is a very adult show.
This sounds crazy!
Yes, we hope that it is… in a good way.
Could there possibly be anything else I need to know?
Yes, on Friday night we will roll a single die at the end of the show. The number that comes up will be the number of NEW PLAYS that will appear in Saturday nights performance. So, if you saw the show on Thurs or Fri, you can come back and see up to 6 new plays (and in a different order) on Saturday.
Holy Cow!
Indeed. TMLMTBGB has been running in Chicago for 50 weeks a year for the last 27 years. Its success is largely due to word of mouth and repeat audience members. We appreciate your help in spreading the word and knowing that each time you come, the plays will have different impact and reactions by the collective audiences. It is non-reproducible theater. No two shows will ever be the same!


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