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Now that we know what a Stage Manager is, what they carry in their toolkits and about the Holy Prompt Book, it’s time to start rehearsal! While the rehearsal process varies occasionally depending on the director, a good SM knows the basics to get them going. Starting with pre-production, the SM gets their script and begins to take note of technical elements such as props, costumes, scene changes, sounds, lights, etc. It is here that
Hi Parents!   Yet another week has gone by in this crazy world of social distancing and we are still unable to open our doors. But RLT is still here and will remain committed to bringing you creative ways to keep your kids entertained and engaged in learning through the magic of theater! I have been having so much fun coming up with tongue twisters, fun monologues, and writing exercises. But, what’s even better, is
At RLT I design everything. Not all of it all the time. But most of it most of the time. Over the course of 25-ish years working in theatre I’ve landed upon a pretty good workflow that works 98% of the time. And while execution is different from department to department, the process is for me the same. If you’ve happened to catch a segment or two from my video series on design, you’ve a
It’s time for another Monday update! It’s hard to believe this is the 4th week that I’m sending a Monday update from my couch- and alas, I fear you’ll be seeing several more weeks of these. But the good news is: RLT is still here! I promised an update on the status of our season. It’s been a long week of tough conversations about the status of some of our productions, but in the end, we’ve made some
It seems like everyone’s go-to activity during this pandemic is to lay on the couch and stream TV shows and movies. I binge-watched Netflix’s “Tiger King” all in one day. Then I re-watched every episode of “Glee” and “Charmed.” It was entertaining, but not fulfilling at all. It’s easy to feast on junk food TV in this age of endless streaming content. After the first weekend or so of indulging in the couch potato lifestyle,
Stage Managers need to be organized and to anticipate. The more organized you are, the easier it will be to anticipate, even the unknown. How ominous! To do this, good SM’s create their own toolkit. These toolkits vary from person to person and show to show. Here at Reno Little Theater, we keep two: one in our rehearsal hall and one in the tech booth. This ensures that from show to show each stage manager
It’s hard to believe another week has gone by in this crazy new world that we find ourselves living in. I hope this letter finds you still practicing all the standard guidelines for social distancing and remaining safe in your homes. Since my letter, our business closure has been extended through April 30 but we want you to know that our organization is still here for you! We will remain committed to bringing you creative ways to keep
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