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Sense And Sensibility Open Auditions

Open Auditions will take place on December 19th from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Please prepare a two-minute comic or dramatic monologue for the open audition.

*Optional: resume and headshot*

Callbacks Immediately Following Open Auditions: December 19th, 6:00 PM-8:00 PM

Sides will be provided at callbacks.

Rehearsals: May 6-July 4, 2019

Show run: July 5-28, 2019

A comedy of manners that gently satirizes extremes of personality, focused (as all Austen’s works are) on a tiny sliver of upper-crust English society in the early 19th century. Pianofortes! Empire-waist dresses! Romantic notions! Thunderstorms! Strangely restrictive inheritance laws!

Two female roles, the central pair of sisters, will be un-doubled, costumed and played relatively naturalistically. These are:

Elinor Dashwood (the sensible one): 19 in the novel — though there’s some wiggle room in casting for age, and we’re likely aging the characters up a bit for modern sensibilities, like the producers of Game of Thrones did.

Marianne Dashwood (the sensitive one): 17 in the novel — ditto

The remaining 8 actors will play a variety of roles, from the youngest Dashwood sister to Mrs Jennings, the neighbourhood busybody, to the unnamed Gossips that represent the eyes and opinions of society. These roles will demand flexibility and will be played in a more stylized way, with less rigidity with regard to age and gender. The original production’s part-grouping — which we may or may not imitate — was as follows:

Margaret Dashwood/Mrs Ferrars/Gossip (15-40 female)

Col. Brandon/Thomas/Lady Middleton/Gossip (30-45 male)

Mrs Dashwood/Anne Steele/Gossip (30-45 female)

Fanny Dashwood/Lucy Steele/Lady Middleton/ Gossip (20-30 female)

Edward Ferrars/Robert Ferrars/Lady Middleton/Gossip (20-30 male)

Sir John Middleton/Doctor/Servant/Gossip (35-45 male)

John Willoughby/John Dashwood/Gossip (20-35 male)

Mrs Jennings/Gossip (20-45 male or female)

All of the roles will be played with an upper-class English dialect, and we’re lucky to have the talents of dialect coach Adi Cabral. No need to be a dialect expert coming in.

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