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147 E. Pueblo St., Reno, NV 89502

RLT announces an open audition for what is considered America’s greatest  farce: Ken Ludwig’s Lend Me a Tenor.
We seek men and woman from 18 to 70 to inhabit a variety of roles from a  crazed bellhop to opera Diva’s, tenors, and overdone opera managers (some  Opera singing may be expected of a couple of roles, but being good at it is  not that important).
Join the craziness that occurs when the world’s greatest Italian tenor and  his long suffering wife come to Cleveland for a sold out  performance.  His fame as a singer and lover are great and he  soon encounters several groupies and then suffers an ill conceived  overdose of booze and pills.  Confronting the corpse the Opera’s impresario  and is young assistant have to figure out how to solve the problem of a sold out  show that they desperately need to succeede–perhaps the young assistant can go  on as the tenor?  Yet now there are two tenors running around as maybe the  Italian one isn’t dead?  And what about the girl in her underwear in the  closet?  Ok some one has got to go to jail–right?  Or will the  audience riot over the imposter?  Many misunderstandings,  misidentifications, low notes and high hilarity later we have a  resolution–or do we?  I give up!
Join the fun as we will have open auditions at 630-10 on Sunday night  January 26th  in our main theater, and then by appointment  only call backs the next night.  For more information and an actor packet  please contact Doug at
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