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147 E. Pueblo St., Reno, NV 89502

Reno Little Theater 82nd Season Assistant Directing Program

Application Below – DEADLINE June 15, 2016

This is a season-long program that offers hands-on training relevant for future work as a director. Each candidate will be assigned to a Mainstage production/director and will be invited to participate in private workshops and discussion groups throughout the year. At the end of the program, Assistants will have the opportunity to direct their own one-act as part of a showcase.  It should be noted that participants in the Assistant Directing Program are not guaranteed future directing assignments at RLT, however, the Artistic Leadership Team will help guide participants in the next stage of their directing careers.

Assistant Directors may assist with the following aspects of the production including dramaturgical/production research, attending production/design meetings, observing and assisting with rehearsals, and attending tech/preview performances. Specific duties vary depending on the nature of the show and the needs of the director. Below are some potential tasks you can expect as an Assistant Director:


The assistant should be present at all production meetings. The assistant might read through the script with the director, offering suggestions and insights into interpretation and concepts for staging the show. The assistant will often be part of the audition and casting process.


The assistant may be the go-to person for cast and crew questions regarding rehearsal and performance schedules. S/he might provide observations and recommendations to the director regarding blocking and line interpretation choices. The assistant often takes notes from the director regarding acting choices, adjustments and corrections, and communicates those notes to the actors. The assistant is responsible for running rehearsals in the absence of the director.


Depending on the production, the assistant might be asked to attend performances to help maintain the show. The assistant will often observe from the audience or tech booth, and take notes regarding any deviation from the script and established directions. S/he will communicate any corrections that need to be made to the actors.

Other Duties

In addition to all of her other duties, the assistant is a jack-of-all-trades. S/he does whatever the director needs doing at any given time pertaining to the production. This might include filling in for an absent actor during rehearsal, being on-book to give lines when actors need them, and even arranging for refreshments for the cast party. The assistant director typically participates in the production post-mortem. This is the time when the production is dissected and analyzed to determine what went right, what went wrong, and what could be done to improve the next production.


  • Read the script before first meeting.
  • Attend a pre-rehearsal meeting(s) with director
  • Attend as many production meetings as possible
  • Attend all rehearsals as requested by the Director
  • Communicate with Director regularly and clearly about your goals
  • Execute all tasks assigned by Director thoughtfully and enthusiastically

Special Perks:

  • Four free tickets to your show to give to family/friends
  • Invitation opening night and cast parties
  • Exclusive access to workshops by visiting guest artists
  • Opportunity to direct a staged reading or one-act during Summer 2017

Questions? Contact McKenzi Swinehart at

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