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147 E. Pueblo St., Reno, NV 89502

Reno Little Theater (RLT) is thrilled to be continuing their partnership with Ageless Repertory Theatre (ART) for another season! RLT is the permanent home of ART rehearsals and public performances.


Currently under the Leadership of Ron Smith, with Jo Anne Conley as Artistic Director, Ageless Repertory Theatre has been producing reader’s theatre for Northern Nevada audiences since 2000, performing in various venues throughout the city. ART was founded to provide opportunities for seasoned senior citizen actors to explore and perform engaging plays for their peers during the weekday. During ART’s search for a new venue, Reno Little Theater offered their services and facility.  Both organizations agreed that RLT’s accessible 128-seat black box theater, with ample free parking, is a perfect fit for ART. With the support of RLT’s staff, Ageless Rep will continue its tradition of presenting entertaining, free to the public staged readings. Reno Little Theater is delighted to welcome the “ART Players” to their facility, as many ART actors have graced RLT’s Mainstage over the past eight decades.

Admission is FREE. Please note, we are unable to take reservations.
Donations are accepted at the door to benefit Ageless Repertory Theatre.


2021 – 2022 Season

Barefoot in the Park – October 1st and 2nd, 2021 – 1pm – Directed by: Ron Smith

Weekend Comedy – October 19th and 22nd, 2021 – 1pm – Directed by: Mary English

A Year in the Death of Eddy Jester – November 16th and 19th – 1pm – Directed by: Ron Smith

Christmas Belles – December 14th and 17th, 2021 – 1pm – Directed by: Alicia Marsella

Remember Me? – January 18th and 21st, 2022 – 1pm – Directed by: John Maes

Return Engagements – February 15th and 18th, 2022 – 1pm – Directed by: Lynn Carasali

Charley’s Aunt – March 8th and 11th, 2022 – 1pm – Directed by: Ron Smith

The Cemetery Club – April 19th and 22nd, 2022 – 1pm – Directed by: Cleb & Sharon Maddux

Ways and Means – May 24th and 27th, 2022 – 1pm – Directed by: Bill Furnell

Same Time Next Year – June 7th and 10th, 2022 – 1pm – Directed by: Cleb & Sharon Maddux

Ken Ludwig’s Moon Over Buffalo – July 19th, 20th, and 22nd, 2022 – 1pm – Directed by: Ron Smith

*This schedule is subject to change.

Please click here to view ART’s Facebook page! Looking for more info on ART?

Please reach out to President, Ron Smith:

(775) 348-6625

Reno Little Theater’s partnership with Ageless Repertory Theatre is supported by the Charles N. Mathewson Foundation.

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