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A (new) Message from our Executive Director- 

Another Monday update coming your way! 

Since my last update, our business closure has been extended through April 30. We’re still trying to figure out what that means for our current season, but expect to be able to update you with more information by next Monday’s message. In the meantime, we’ve got some wonderful news to share- We’ve updated our mission statement! Believe it or not, this process began months ago. But it’s finally official. Our new and improved mission statement is:

To create exceptional theatrical experiences that inspire, entertain, and strengthen our community through artistic engagement and collaboration.

This should sound familiar (as it’s not a huge departure from our previous mission statement) but we specifically wanted to firmly commit to engaging and collaborating with our community and making it stronger through the creation of art. And right now, we’re referring back to this mission statement with every single choice we make through this closure. As I’ve said before, we’re about more than the production of plays- so we’re working hard to keep engaging and collaborating through this crisis.

Another great update: We’ve launched a new Facebook page and weekly e-blast for our Education Program. Whether your child or grandchild has ever participated in our Education Program or not, we’d love for you to follow that page for regularly updated activities your family can do together at home. We’ll be sharing tongue twisters, monologues, art projects, dance combos and more throughout the week so that your family can stay creative and connected.

Thank you so much for hanging in there with us.

Be well, 

Melissa Taylor
Executive Director

About the author:

Melissa Taylor: Melissa has been RLT’s chief executive officer since 2013. Check out her bio on the staff page for more professional credits. She loves all things theater and especially loves other people who love theater, too! Outside of her role at RLT, Melissa loves her three kids, her bearded partner-in-all-things, Italian food, black licorice, video games, horrible reality shows, and preparing for zombies by taking notes on everything Daryl does on The Walking Dead.

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