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Another week has gone by without welcoming anyone to our theater and we fear it may be quite sometime before our doors reopen, but that doesn’t mean that Reno Little Theater has gone away. We’ve been working as hard as ever to create content to share with our community. After all, our mission is to create theatrical experiences… not just to do plays! 

If you have not done so already, please consider following us on Facebook and Instagram. There, you can join us for Musical Monday, Tricks of the Trade Tuesday, Wacky Wheel Wednesday, and Throwback Thursday! We’re sharing fun performance videos and challenges for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. We’ve also launched a blog and our team will be releasing new posts Monday-Friday. You can find those posts on our social media channels as well as on the homepage of our website. 

You may have also heard that we’ve joined up with Brüka Theatre and Good Luck Macbeth to launch Ghost Light TV – a new YouTube channel where all three theaters will be sharing individual and co-created content. In fact, just last Friday we produced our first LIVE virtual production – Vanity Snare. It’s surely been a challenge to learn new technology (and quickly), but we’re all committed to being a light to our community during this time- so there will be more readings and virtual events streaming soon.

We’ve also launched the Ghost Light Theater Fund. If you have the means, and you want to support the theater community, but don’t want to choose to give to one theater over another, you can donate to this fund and support all three theaters at once. Donations to this fund will be evenly distributed to the three theaters and will help with operational support during this crisis. If you would like to donate to RLT directly, you can still do that, too though – we’d surely be grateful.

Finally, we know that you must be wondering what comes next. Well, we’re still figuring that out. Our staff and board are closely monitoring what’s happening in our community and around the world, and are making choices as we can. We will continue to update you on performance information, class schedules, and ticketing as we have that information. 

We hope that you’re home and safe (if you can be). We hope you’re healthy and finding comfort in connecting with our community in whatever ways you can. And we really hope you’ll find some joy in the ways we’re working to stay creative and engaged- even if we can’t be together just yet. 

About the author:

Melissa Taylor has been RLT’s chief executive officer since 2013. Check out her bio on the staff page for more professional credits. She loves all things theater and especially loves other people who love theater, too! Outside of her role at RLT, Melissa loves her three kids, her bearded partner-in-all-things, Italian food, black licorice, video games, horrible reality shows, and preparing for zombies by taking notes on everything Daryl does on The Walking Dead.

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